In just two and half weeks, Darkest Hour: Normandy 1944 has gone from a collection of images, ideas, teaser trailers, and heart throbbing anticipation to a functional multiplayer game with over 10,000 downloads and over 30 dedicated servers. World War II gamers across the world have discovered that the scenes displayed in our screenshots and trailers were not "too good to be true," as they act them out themselves.

506th PIR at the Battle of Foy 506th PIR at the Battle of Foy
Many of you noticed that with our initial release came a critical bug that crashed players on certain maps. After hours of trial and error, we were able to fix this bug - on 16 June, Patch 1a was released, containing not only the fix for the crash, but several visual and map bug fixes. In addition, a collection of new weapon sounds were included which sound phenomenally better .

506th PIR at the Battle of Foy 506th PIR at the Battle of Foy

Also released recently was the beta version of the new map, Foy, a massive infantry map giving players the chance to experience - in historical accuracy - the battle of Foy, Belgium. The long awaited Darkest Hour has provided 11 new battlefields, over 10 new vehicles, 15+ weapons, and 3 new playable nations - and we're nowhere near finished. Later this week, we will be releasing Killer9999's long-awaited Carnes Pont!

506th PIR at the Battle of Foy Carnes Point - Infantry Map

The Darkest Hour community is growing by the day with more and more new players and servers. One of the most unique qualities about this community, however, is the amount of feedback our players give us, matched by an equally willing ear for receiving feedback. The Darkest Hour team wants to continue to provide its community with the game they want and encourage you to join us in defining that at our message board, http://forums.darkesthourgame.com

If you would like to install Darkest Hour or upgrade to the latest version, head to our Downloads page.
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